karyn-bio Nice to virtually meet you! I’m Karyn Filiatrault, and I’m a realer kind of Toronto real estate agent. What does that mean exactly? It means I’m like you and not that starch stereotype that real estate agents in Toronto often get labelled as (and which some are). I’m a passionate seeker of the live, work and play-hard lifestyle in downtown Toronto which is not so unlike most of the people I work with. With me there’ll be no starch formalities or pushy sales moves. You likely won’t see me in a suit too often and we’ll probably share quite a few laughs in our selling or buying adventures together (not to mention mutually scorn many an ugly countertop). Working with me will be like working with your trusted friend, only in my back pocket is tens of millions of dollars in closed Toronto Real Estate deals, plenteous sales experience in both Toronto and abroad, a master certified negotiation expert designation, an inside-out knowledge of Toronto’s neighbourhoods and excellent understanding of the Toronto Real Estate market.

My work experience prior to becoming a Realtor is like few others. Firstly, I closed deals with the Sheikhs and CEOs of some of the world’s largest Middle Eastern oil companies. So yup, I’m kind of a sales shark for you when I need to be. Secondly, I’m a former Discovery Channel documentary producer. Why did I leave all that behind? To fill a much foreseen need in the Toronto Real Estate market is why! There are tens of thousands of Realtors across the city shelling out magnets and calendars, bombarding mailboxes with flyers that no one reads and running around planting cookie-cutter ‘For Sale’ signs on lawns. How about a personalized service and creative approach that directly serves your needs instead?

I passionately use the experience I built in my former documentary-producing career to create entertaining, high-quality, one-of-a-kind films, that focus specifically on engaging conversation of the homes I sell. That’s right; if we’re selling your place I plan, write, and manage the production of a unique film about your unique property so that your place sells faster and for more money than it otherwise would with anyone else. Period. Sound interesting? It is. My clients get more money when they sell with me because my marketing reaches more prospective buyer’s eyes than nearly any other Realtor in the city. You can check out some of my lifestyle films right here.

So where do I like to work? I sell the Toronto core (condominiums, lofts, houses and towns) with a special love and affinity for the Downtown Toronto East-Side: Leslieville, the Distillery District, the St. Lawrence Market, Cabbagetown, Riverdale, and Danforth Village. Looking to buy or sell in another Toronto neighbourhood? I have experience and knowledge selling in neighbourhoods across the city so I would be happy to help you too.

I truly love Toronto, and I’m pretty proud to call PSR Brokerage my homebase (here’s why you should care about that).

And if you’re looking at my picture, and thinking to yourself: Hey. She looks familiar! It could be because you’ve seen me guest spot on CTV’s “The Social”, where I have been asked to speak on the topic of – you guessed it – real estate.

Did I mention that I am a “Master Certified” negotiation expert?

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Want to learn more about who I am, what I do and how I can help you? My “door” is always open, so if you have more questions, Facebook message, text, call at 416-888-1844, or let’s talk.