I like meat a lot. Steak, ribs, chicken, pork chops. All of that. Everything meat seems to taste better on the grill so that’s how I cook it….even in the winter. But here’s the thing. I DON’T like having to go eight storey’s up and twiddle my thumbs as my steak cooks on a shared rooftop patio though. If I lived in a house, I wouldn’t have to worry about this. But if I continue living in a condo or a loft (which I do, like most 20-30-somethings in this city also do), not all places I choose to live will allow me this luxury. Vegetarians and suburbanites aside, do I hear anyone in agreeance with me?

On that note let’s talk about BBQing in Toronto.

Bad news for most of you. Most condo corporations restrict the use of barbeques on the balcony because their insurance policy does not allow a propane cylinder to be transported through the common areas of the building. Restrictions are in place to protect the residents.

More and more newer condominium projects allow barbecues though by having them hooked into the natural gas supply of the building which have balconies or terraces that prevent the accumulation of gas from any leakage.

So where can you buy a condo or a loft in Toronto that will allow you the luxury of bringing in your own BBQ? The good news is, your Realtor can help. But until you start an official search, here are 20 condos in Toronto that will let you move your grill in with you:


The Printing Factory Lofts

The King East

The Ninety Lofts

The Work Lofts

One St. Thomas

Toy Factory Lofts

500 Wellington

The Garment Factory Lofts

Cube Lofts

Residences of the Ritz Carlton

Westside Lofts

Spire Condominiums

The Berzcy

The Thompson Hotel and Residences

Seventy5 Portland

Loft 45

Market Wharf

Fly Condos

DNA Lofts

Parade II


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