Magic Mike. 50 Shades of Grey. Jessica Alba writhing around in chaps in Sin City. Real-estate brokerages.

Okay, okay, one of these things is not like the other. There’s nothing sexy about real-estate brokerages ­– but they’re still worthy of your attention.

You may not be entirely familiar with what a brokerage does, but I can guarantee you’ve heard of some: Royal LePage, ReMax, Century 21, Sotheby’s and – my home – Bosley Real Estate.

So what is a brokerage and why should you care?

Realtors like me must be employed by a brokerage and registered with the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) in order to practice legally.

Every brokerage is different, but in general they provide support to agents, review transactions and manage the business. When you, as a buyer or seller, sign a contract (either in the form of a buyer representation agreement or a typical listing agreement), it is actually an agreement with the brokerage, not the individual representative. You will probably only ever deal with your Realtor, but that brokerage that your Realtor represents is a major player behind the scenes.

Realtors are free to choose whichever brokerage they want. Some pick because of the size, some pick because of the office location, some pick for low fees. Let me tell you why I picked Bosley Real Estate (because it has a lot to do with what YOU get from this arrangement, as a result….)

  • Live people in the office take calls. When you call between 9AM and 8PM you don’t get an outsourced call service. You get Liz…or Greg. Clients like YOU, calling in to confirm showings on your house for sale, enjoy interacting with someone who really knows what’s going on.
  • We have a staff who handle paperwork and other administrative tasks – freeing me to concentrate on YOU.
  • The manager at my office is the president of the Toronto Real Estate Board. Yup. I have his number on speed dial. Sometimes we even run together. He’s a ridiculously good resource for me and my clients to have so close at hand.
  • Bosley Real Estate has been around since 1928, Toronto-based, and is 100-percent family owned. Tom and Ann Bosley attend sales meetings and are available as an additional resource to me for YOU.
  • I get additional training beyond what the Ontario Real Estate Association provides. When I’m not working with clients I’m having some of the best veterans of the Toronto Real Estate industry make me an even tougher-ass negotiator…for YOU.
  • Frankly, it’s one of the coolest brokerages around. Bosley Real Estate’s Queen Street West office that I work out of was converted from a car wash to a loft space —- PERFECT for client meetings. Way more comfortable and chill than a lot of the others. We even have a canoe on the wall!

Admittedly, I pay a premium for all of this. But it doesn’t cost my clients a penny extra. Wouldn’t you want a Realtor willing to pay more out of her own pocket to make your experience better?



  1. Well said Karen. Totally true. The Bosley Real Estate organization is top drawer through out the GTA. Call them! No disappointments here!

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