Every client wants to see the amenities during a condo showing: the gym, the party room, etc.

The one they never ask about? The condo concierge.

Big mistake.

I’ve lived in six condos with a concierge desk. I’ve visited friends in another 30 such buildings. I’ve gone through hundreds more as a Realtor. And I am absolutely certain that Mr or Ms. Condo Concierge can make or break your place — and affect resale.

Concierges are the first line of security: They hold the power to open a locked door for you or your guests.

But they do more than provide peace of mind. They take your deliveries. They control elevator bookings. They are the first line for complaints. They know the comings and goings of everyone. That, my friends, is a lot of power.

When the concierge is a reasonable, pleasant human being doing his/her job properly, SCORE! But you could end up with one of the following types:

Mr. Rogers

Overly friendly. You can’t just walk past him with a hello. He wants a full update on your day. He opens the door for everyone.

Officious maximus

A dick. He’s by the books and won’t offer a smile. He’ll threaten to throw your packages away if you don’t pick them up. He won’t open the front door for your guests.

Nosy Parker

The gossip. He/she knows everything and shares everything. This one typically has several groupies who hang out at the desk at night.

The Creeper

The flirty one who crosses the line. Usually harmless, but exhausting to deal with day in and day out.


The best concierge understands this is a business relationship, not a personal one. He is friendly, but respects boundaries. He/she lets in familiar faces, but keeps out strangers.

So next time you tour a condo, ask any residents you meet about the condo concierge staff. Or ask me. I know where to find the good (love ya, Stefan at 201 Carlaw Ave.) and the bad (sorry but love ya NOT, Rosalind at 800-something King Street West).



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