A great Realtor is more than just a slick business card and a suit. They’re more than a couple years selling something, more than great with numbers, and more than knowledgable about a few different neighbourhoods. They are extraordinary communicators; able to connect well with clients, trades, the Realtor on the other side of the table and most importantly, warm the heart of the buyer or seller that needs to be sold to. They also extraordinarily creative because if they aren’t marketing their client’s listing for sale in a more effective way than the next guy’s, the client’s aren’t getting as much.

I’m Karyn Filiatrault and I have an advantage in the industry of real estate here in Toronto. I have as much sales experience as the last guy having sold 100’s of thousands of dollars in advertising to the CEOs and Chairmen of the most high-ranking oil companies in the Middle East. But I also have a degree in Radio and Television, at a school that turns away 9 out of 10 applicants. And with that degree, I earned myself 8 years of being tasked with the responsibility of producing video that one of the most established networks in the world would consider worthy of airing. My advantage is that I’m outstandingly creative and use unordinary video to sell.

The power of video is extraordinary. Did you know that 90% of buyers flock to the internet when they are considering the purchase of real estate?? Buyers want visuals of what’s out there. They want professional photography of inside the unit and more and more people are looking around to see if a slideshow or even better, a video is out there to really let them see the space.

It’s an expensive endeavour to do what I do but it sells my clients properties quickly and for unimaginably higher prices. At my dime I hire actors, producers and cinematographers to shoot a short story inside the home you are listing with me. A potential buyer who sees it, sees not only a listing but a lifestyle that they could have if they buy it. By the power of social media I push this out and get the property seen not only by those who see the link on MLS or who “Google” it, but also by those who wouldn’t normally be even out looking who see it in their Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr or Instagram news feeds.

I guess any Realtor could do this, but what I bring to the table is creativity and ideas. I do not produce the same video twice. I try to push the envelope a little bit and make people say aww, or wow. I involve the mainstream media.

To learn more about how I would use lifestyle video marketing to market your listing, please contact Karyn for a private consultation.




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