I run every Wednesday morning in Leaside with this fantastic running group called “The Runway“. One of the ladies I was running with this past week asked me while running, “Karyn, I’ve had terrible luck in the past choosing a Realtor. I’m not moving anytime soon but when I do, how do I choose a Realtor in Toronto the next time around? The RIGHT Realtor?”

This is a bit like trying to find the perfect relationship. There’s lots of fish in the sea when it comes to Toronto Realtors, so allow me to make this simple for you:

Top 6 Tips For How To Choose A Realtor In Toronto:

1. Trust – Realtors get a lot smack. We’re not all used car salesmen. Find someone you trust.

2. Likability – you need to like them and the cooperating or listing agent and their clients need to like them. I did a deal recently where the seller told me afterwards that she hated the other Realtor and that swayed her to our side (because she liked me).

3. Communication – they had better be good at returning your calls and emails in a timely matter

4. Market knowledge – don’t go with your brother in law who lives in Markham to help you buy in Leslieville when he doesn’t know the difference between it and Leaside

5. Creativity – buying and selling real estate is a competitive business. You need your Realtor to do things others don’t think of. Ask them what they do for buyers. Ask them what they do for sellers.

6. Best bang for the buck – get over commission cuts and think big picture. The full service Realtor who charges full commission will get you a better price 99 times out of 100.

7. Busyness – are they not busy for a reason or too busy for you? Beware the Realtor who has so many clients that you’re only getting half ass service


If you’re buying or selling in 2014, print out the below attachment. Interview 3 Realtors. Fill in your honest thoughts after meeting each one. I assure you that after this exercise you will find a GREAT Toronto Realtor.


How To Pick A Toronto Realtor

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