I am delighted to final announce the date for my first Dine and Discuss Event: Dine and Discuss Divorce In Toronto. Tickets are limited so please buy them sooner rather than later.


Divorce is a lonely, scary road in the beginning. When it happens to you, it’s hard to admit to yourself that it’s really happening, much less reach out to others for advice. But we want to show you that you can and will get through it. Get out of the house and join us for an intimate (delicious) 3-course dinner plus beverages in Toronto’s Spoke Club’s gorgeous Cellar Room! Meet some new friends maybe going through what you are and learn from our experienced panel of guests, sharing the table with you and without agenda or hourly fees, answering your questions:

Anne Freed, Senior Family Law Lawyer with 36 years experience in Mediation, Collaborative Practice, Traditional Negotiation and Court Divorce in Toronto.

Gloria MacDonald, Founder and President of Life Alchemy Inc, and Certified Life Mastery Toronto Consultant, working with a global portfolio of clients to help them create the lives they want to live.

Karyn Filiatrault, Founder and Owner of Home Sweet Karyn, and award-winning Toronto real estate agent who built her business and the next chapter of her life after divorce in Toronto.

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