So I’m after this guy. And I’m trying to get his attention. Hoping this Valentine’s Day love note works some magic. ✨✨

You might know him. A lot of Torontonians do after all. He’s a 76 year-old Toronto city councillor who not only represents one of two municipal wards that make up the jurisdiction of Scarborough-Agincourt, but was also once the city’s deputy mayor.

But I’m not after him for his politics fame. Or his clothing line or his money or his sense of humour or his charm.

I’m after him because he’s just plain the coolest. And he loves Toronto in a way that makes my heart swell. I’ll let your wife be your Valentine this year, but can you be the next interview on my video blog, Norm Kelly? ❤️


Dear Mr. Kelly… or just Norm, can I call you that???

A big shoutout to you for constantly reminding us how awesome it is to live in this city. I legit love you for that.

I love you for how you became Toronto’s most unlikely hip-hop hero — friend to Drake and voice of reason in his feud with Meek Mill, as well as a Twitter star with over 730,000 followers and global meme sensation. And with that, a brand unto yourself! Loving on your “Double Double Please” brand shirt and all the 6 store ones — some of which feature images of your smiling face, the word “Dad” in different languages and even catchy slogans such as TOO LIT TO POLITIC. It’s so refreshing to have a Toronto-loving label where a portion of all proceeds goes to charity.

Love that you want Toronto to be ahead of the wave of blockchain technology. You fight for our status as a world-class city and potential to be one of the premier innovation centres in the world. You once played a prominent role in preparing the Special Committee on Visible Minorities in Canadian Society’s groundbreaking report, ‘Equality Now’, which contained eighty recommendations aimed at protecting visible minority cultures in Canada while integrating their members into the Canadian mainstream. You also advocate for policy to translate public information into the ten most-spoken languages — including French — and have raised money for breast cancer awareness. 

And loving you for being a man of vision and progress. I’ve hardly even scratched the surface of your political work. Heck, you were even a real estate agent, like me, for the decade preceding your return to public office in 1994. (During the time the market even crashed, yeesh!) And after amalgamation in 1997, you were re-elected successfully as a city councillor and have been re-elected with top four ranking in every term afterwards.

For these reasons and so many more, I want to say thanks for all you do to make my life, and many of Toronto’s, happier! PS, I have been nagging your office for months now to interview you for my weekly blog so we can pow wow over our love for the 6ix.  Can we??? ✌🏻✌🏻




**Pics from @normkelly on Instagram**

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