Last year I made the big decision to hire a personal trainer. That’s right. Someone I pay to physically beat me to the point of sprawled-out-on-the-ground exhaustion three times a week. He’s the same someone I pay to lecture me about not eating too much cheese and chocolate when I’m not working out. It’s insane, I know, but without enlisting the help of this expert and working this hard on a plan he has helped me to aim for I would never be where I am today or where I want to be in 6 months. I just wish I’d done it earlier. My trainer’s unofficial motto? “No Pain = No Gain.”

All that sweating and soreness got me to thinking about pain and gain in a broader sense. You know, when you really think about it, the whole no-pain-no-gain thing applies to a lot more than just the gym. Some of the most important things that we as humans have in our lives – our health, our minds, our relationships, our jobs and our homes – all entail it. Achieving greatness in any of those capacities takes work. Killer bodies aren’t made on the couch. You’re not getting any smarter by watching the Kardashian sisters on TV all day. Relationships fall apart without effort. And the most successful guys at the office worked some pretty long hours and took some pretty big risks to have those paycheques.

As a Realtor I hear people talking about the houses they dream to own and “one days” a lot. And while I am a huge supporter of aspiring big, the truth is you can’t move into that house you’re lusting over if you haven’t saved the money or actually made a plan to buy a home. Nor can you wish a New Year’s Resolution on New Year’s Eve without some sort of execution of the steps to it. Home is where all the gain from the other important things in life – tired bodies, spent minds, the depth of relationships and long work days – comes to recharge and rest. Pretty damn important place, don’t you think?

So, this brand new year, I challenge you to take on a little pain for the gain and make a plan to buy a home. Yup. Do it. Go make that house or condo-buying dream of yours a reality.


SET THE GOAL. What do you want?

Is it a house? A condo? Or a loft? What neighbourhood is it in? What does it look like and what does it feel like? Go so far as to google a picture of something like it and tape it on your bathroom mirror.


SET THE TIMELINE. When do you want this?

Is it this month, this year or next year?


FORMULATE THE PLAN. How are you going to do this?

Play around with my mortgage calculator. Sit down with a mortgage advisor and learn what a mortgage is and how far away you are from qualifying for one. Need a referral? Just ask (me). Your meeting with them will not cost you money.

Sit down with a financial planner and find out what you can do to save for a downpayment and pay monthly payments on a mortgage. Need a referral? Just ask (me). This meeting will also not cost you any money.

Unsure of the steps involved in your plan to buy a home in Toronto? Educate yourself. Read about “The Purchase Process” HERE and get answers to FAQ HERE. Still have questions? Calls and meetings with me are free and hold no obligations. Why? Because I want to be part of your plan and help you achieve your 2015 goal.



and Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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