Total confession. I have a complete love affair with the old HBO series, “Sex and the City.” I have no explanation for why, just that I love more than ever to curl up on my couch at home with a glass of wine in hand and watch repeat episodes of it in its grainy non-HD format.

In all the episodes I’ve seen (and I’ve seen them all; some, multiple times), one ‘Sex and the City’ quote stated by Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker) stuck:

“In New York, you can have a great job, a great apartment and a great companion, but not all three” – Carrie Bradshaw

Is she right or is she wrong? I personally wouldn’t have remembered this quote if it hadn’t rung true in my own life…

Upon careful analysis of my own life I’ve never had all three in perfect harmony with each other. I’ve had great careers in my lifetime but there’s been ups and downs. I’ve had great partners but there’s been ups and downs with that too. And I’ve owned and rented great homes in great neighbourhoods, but I’ve also lived in a handful of not so wonderful places too. It’s weird how I usually live life in a cycle of 2 being great, and 1 not quite there yet. And then that changes. As quickly as the career is great again, the home falls short. How weird is that?

Are you like me? Think about it. If so, how great would it be to have all three at the same time? What would you need to make that happen for yourself?

Here are some books on my shelf at home that I can totally recommend in the quest:

As for the part about the “apartment” falling short of great, don’t go buying a book when your greatest resource is, well, me!

What would make your apartment/condo/loft/home great? A better neighbourhood? A bigger closet? A better floorplan? More security at the front door? A fabulous cup of jo within walking distance?

Whatever your need, I am committed to helping you achieve greatness in your home part of life, even if the relationship and the job are never quite there yet.




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