If you have an iphone and haven’t downloaded SONGZA yet DO IT.

What is Songza? Songza is a stream of thousands of original playlists for free. No ads like the radio; no limits to how long you can listen for. You have the option of telling this music concierge how you’re feeling and get music tailored to your mood or you can tell it what genre of music you want, and get it.

It’s been available since 2012, but I’ve only recently started using it in the home. Here’s what I use it for:

In the “Children’s” category, “Down on Sesame Street” — all of Sesame Street’s albums of best-loved songs. My toddler asks to listen to this every day. We hardly ever watch TV anymore because his love for Sesame Street is fed through listening to his favourite characters sing.

In the “Vocal Jazz” category, “Todays Vocal Stars” —- best of today’s jazz, something I love. My perfect end to a long day is a bubble bath with wine and this playlist playing.

In the “Motivational” category, “Soaring Morning” —uplifting songs to help you start your day. Between this playing and a big coffee, I get my best self going for my clients at the start of the day.

In the “Cooking with Friends” category, “Motown Dance Party: The 60’s” — great party-starting songs for a great cooking atmosphere. I don’t know about you but making lasagna goes from chore to task with great music, friends and a glass of wine.


What are your favourite playlists on Songza? Please share on the HomeSweetKaryn Facebook page.

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