I was at a party the other night when I overheard a guy drop the ridiculous utterance of: car, condo, cash, credit card and country club…..and was it true that guys in Toronto have to have all that to “score” a girl these days.

Jaw drops. Instantly can’t help but wonder where the heck he got that BS from.

So I look it up. Apparently it’s a thing. The 5 Cs of Singapore are, apparently, what young Singaporeans aspire to – each indicating a step up the ladder of success, each a way to impress people.

I hope this catchphrase stays overseas. While I advise strongly about setting and sticking to a budget, I still witness many buyers bite off more than they can chew in an ill-advised attempt to keep up with the Joneses (who, in turn, spread the purchase of their Noguchi coffee table over three credit cards – not that they’ll ever tell you that).

Listen, setting goals for yourself is a noble pursuit. Wanting to ramp up your career or your home is admirable – if you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Fact: A credit card does not equal success. I know a 30-something guy who owns a slick condo, loves his job (same company for 15 years) and will soon wed his smoking hot fiancée. He got his first credit card – and cellphone – just a year ago.

So screw those five Cs. You don’t need them. Well, cash helps. But my advice is to put it toward a dilapidated but cozy house that needs contractors, a little construction, some cement and curb appeal.

After you’re done paying for all that, the country club will be nothing but a dream. You might have a car but it won’t be anything worth bragging about. Condos will be a distant memory and your precious credit card will probably have a balance.

But I promise you’ll be a far wealthier person – in more ways than one.

What are your 5 Cs for defining wealth? Mine are cottage, children, century house, career and companion. I’d love to hear yours. Tell me on Facebook.

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