On this week’s VLOG – 5 young and savvy women who all bought Toronto real estate on their own talk to me about the question of “how young is too young to buy Toronto real estate” (which is that you’re never to young)… and how they’ve felt since signing on the line.

If you’re in your 20’s or early 30’s and heeding all the personal finance advice spewing forth from dinner parties, Facebook, bloggers and the nightly news about how owning a home doesn’t make financial sense, I’m afraid you’ve been duped.

Absolutely, positively, undeniably duped.

Buying Toronto real estate—especially now in a city where the housing/condo market sees double-digit appreciation figures yearly —is an incredibly smart decision financial. And millennials are definitely jumping on the bandwagon. I’d explain why but you’d probably argue my hidden bias as a Toronto Realtor. So instead I’ll let you watch this video where five of my past clients — all age 28 or younger when they bought – share their experience.

Have questions for Karyn or any of the ladies on the panel in this video? Contact Karyn to be connected.


Further reading for prospective solo young female buyers:

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“First Time Homebuyers More Likely To Be Women.” The Province. April, 2015.

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