Oh baby, has Instagram ever become a mobile force to be reckoned with! With well over 400 million users, it isn’t just larger than Twitter, but been reported that its ads far outperform those on other platforms. Subsequently, Instagram has become a great way to generate new business, especially for real estate professionals like myself.

But this post isn’t about that. Maybe I’ll get into the whole Instagram as a marketing tool thing at some point down the road, but right now, I’d rather just show some love to a few of my favourite real estate accounts on the popular photo-sharing application and service. Yup, these pages have a 99% success rate of getting a vaunted double click from me, which is about the biggest stamp of approval I can offer. Hey, I don’t just hand ‘likes’ out!!

ME!! (@homesweetkaryn)

Really, was I going to lead with any other one?  My personal and work instagram accounts are one in the same. Why? Because the lines between my personal and professional life are fuzzy in the best possible way. I share stunning downtown Toronto skyline pics, tease new listings and new blog posts before the rest of the public know about them, share my behind-the-scenes-life and give you the first peek at my lifestyle real estate lifestyle films. Or just follow me for my cute son – who, let’s be honest, gets more likes than any others.

Alice Kent (@really.real.estate)

For the most part a west-end girl — having grown up in the Kingsway and spent her teenage years in Davisville Village, as well as the last two decades in the Seaton Village and Christie Pits neighbourhoods — Alice shares some of the funniest pictures. No, really! Not only do they consistently crack me up, but they totally live up to the account’s promise of capturing unabashedly real moments in Toronto real estate.

Ben Sammut (@millennialmortgage)

Ben is a mortgage broker, but he is also a millennial. As a result, his takes on real estate and finance are a little different from the norm. And while he typically tries to put a positive spin on things, he definitely ain’t afraid to tell it like it is! For example, that time he claimed the government was attacking the wrong side of the finance market in response to Canada’s household debt burden hitting a record high. Keep sticking it to the man, Ben!

BuzzBuzzHome (@buzzbuzzhome)

An online real estate database for new residential developments, BuzzBuzzHome is always improving the way people search for pre-construction homes. Their Instagram page is as beautiful as it is informative, maintaining a strong emphasis on stunning design shots.

MyHomeViewer (@myhomeviewer)

Matt Vardy is one of my photographers and, simply put, he rocks! Accordingly, his Instagram is a collection of images from some really pretty listings he’s shot. Or, for a look at some of his video work, check out Cinematic Homes (@cinematichomes).

PSR Brokerage (@psrbrokerage)

I remember way before I joined the PSR team when their Instagram account had about a thousand followers and would only post occasionally. But that seems like like an eternity ago! We’re at over 10,300 followers now and we share some amazing daily content — from our kickass listings and developments to eye-catching architecture and design. A round of applause, please, for our marketing savant Kristin!

Rob Holowka (@robholowka)

Rob is another one of my fave real estate photographers – with Birdhouse Media – and he shoots some of the nicest properties in the city. What I especially love is how he uses multiple small flashes to evenly light homes. Each photo shoot typically takes two or three hours, but the result — in my opinion, at least — is hands down a top quality professional look. No surprise here, but Rob’s photographs help to sell hundreds of millions of dollars of real estate every year.

Skale Developments (@skaledevelopments)

Skale’s motto is Thoughtful Design and their Instagram is a fitting reflection of that. The boutique development company itself is involved with premier projects in single and multi-family homes. PSR started working with them in 2017, launching The Bluffs project in Scarborough last March. 1181 Queen West is up next — and you know who now has the floor plans and price list for that? Yup. Yours truly.

Toronto Storeys (@torontostoreys)

Toronto Storeys tells Toronto’s… well… stories! It’s that simple. The housing market, architecture, design, people… it’s a mix of everything and can always be counted on for a daily dose of real estate-related inspiration.

Tower Trip Magazine (@towertrip)

Amazing penthouses, slick offices and trendy neighborhoods. Tower Trip’s original stories and explorations capture it all across Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver. Love, love, love it. And thanks for that one time you featured ME Tower Trip!