We played the lucky number game on this sale. 🎲

For as long as I can remember my son has encouraged me to make a wish every time the clock strikes 11:11. Maybe it’s just a myth that it’s a lucky set of numbers…or maybe it’s not. Given there are 12 billion hits on google when you type in “1111 meaning” makes me believe there might be something a little special about them though. 😉

On 11/11 we submitted an offer with a set of 11’s in nearly every line, including an 11:11PM irrevocable. The home inspector showed up at 11 the next day, the branch manager was available to sign the deposit funds at 11. And guess what?

SOLD. To a client I enjoyed working with so much that it’s bittersweet that it’s come to an end.

Do you believe in lucky numbers??? 🍀